Bella Coffee Maker and Its Features

Assured top quality

Bella coffee maker is a coffee maker you can always trust for top quality and reliability; its reviews bear testimonies to this. Are you looking for a coffee maker designed in the most glamorous manner you can ever imagine? Then this is the exact coffee maker to go for.

Bella Coffee MakerBella Coffee Maker


Its design and its functions are both top class. It will not only brew top class coffee for you; it will also beautify your home like none other. The coffee maker is designed to brew up to 12 cups of coffee. This means it is the best choice if the whole family plans to take coffee.

The coffee it brews will go round the house and no one will end up fighting over who should take coffee and who should not.  The beautiful thing about it is that it is relatively cheap. You will net have to spend an arm and a leg to buy it.

Its features

Truth is the best way to start your day is to take a sip from coffee brewed by this machine. It is your best help mate when in need of perfectly brewed coffee, since it brews the coffee exactly the way you want it.

The coffee maker is designed to be programmable; it can be made to brew coffee any time of the day or night, depending on what you want. The coffee maker comes with loads of features that make it the best for you and every member of your family. If you are the hasty type and you just cannot wait for the coffee brewer to finish brewing the coffee.

Bella Coffee Maker for best satisfactionBella Coffee Maker for best satisfaction


You can benefit from the pause-and-serve features in the coffee maker via which you can quickly pour yourself some coffee while the brewing process is still on. The coffee maker equally comes with countdown timer and this can help to time the brewing process towards ensuring the perfect coffee gets brewed at the end of the day.

Brew-strength setting

Aside the above features of the bella coffee maker, it equally comes with the brew-strength setting that makes it easy to set how strong you want the coffee to be. This setting enables you to decide if you want a strong coffee or just the regular one.

Those who love to live on the bold side of life can always opt for the bold brew while the not-so-strong can go for the mild brew. It is all about what you want. This confers an air of customization on the coffee maker. This means you can customize your coffee and make it have the exact taste, strength and aroma you want it to have.

Permanent filter

Additionally, the bella coffee maker comes with permanent filter that helps to filter the water used for brewing to ensure particles do onto settle in the coffee maker, which can have unwanted effect on the coffee maker.

Bella Coffee Maker 2Bella Coffee Maker


The permanent filter ensures the coffee maker can last for long since dirt or tiny particles will never clot up in it, which can have damaging effect on its functioning. This is better than when you make use of disposable filter, which requires periodic changing. You will never need to go through that trouble with the permanent filter.

Easy cleaning

Bella coffee maker can be easily cleaned, thanks to its specially designed warming plate, which is stain resistant and non-stick.  You will never have to waste the whole day to get it cleaned again.  The coffee maker is equally made available in various designs and colors.  It is able to make your kitchen look more beautiful.

So, what are the other important features in this coffee maker? They are highlighted below:

  • They all feature the BELLA Dots pattern and they are made available in various colors. You will always find a particular color and design that perfectly suits what you want.
  • It features auto shot-off function and this ensures the coffee maker shuts off automatically when it has been on standby for some times. This helps to protect the kitchen appliance and also helps to save power consumption.
  • There is no need to use paper filter in the bella coffee maker due to the presence of the permanent filter. This further improves on the usefulness of the filter.
  • It can be programmed via its 24-hour timer, which enables you to prepare coffee any time you want it.
  • The coffee strength can be changed among Bold, Gourmet and Regular, depending on how strong you love to take your coffee. The bold setting however ensures you get full flavor.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain. The glass carafe and the filter holder can be removed very easily and quickly.  You only need to pour liquid detergent into warm water to form the perfect washing solution for the parts. The machine comes with auto-clean feature, which you can program to carry out the cleaning. The auto-clean feature can be set to work once in a month and it will help carry out deeper sanitizing and cleaning of the machine.

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