Benefits and Features of the Krups Coffee Maker

Best money can buy

The krups coffee maker will prove to be one of the best coffee makers you have ever come by in a long time. If you have been using other coffee makers but have not been getting complete satisfaction from them, then it is high time you gave this coffee maker a chance. It will surely transform your orientation completely and give you value you have never been able to experience in many other coffee makers.

krups coffee maker krups coffee maker

Top level durability

In terms of design, you will find it to be among the best you have ever come by. In terms of durability, it is equally one of the best you have ever used. It is designed for one purpose and that is to brew your coffee fast and to also make it with top quality. If you have been having trouble making your coffee exactly the way you want, this is the right coffee maker to go for.

Its design

The krups coffee maker is professionally designed and it is made for those who understand top quality. If you are looking for a coffee maker that is built to perfection, this is the one you must go for. Its precision regarding quality is another factor worthy of note. Aside this, it completely depicts the passion of the company for nothing short of top quality. The coffee maker is very easy to program.

The krups coffee maker is also designed to make your coffee ready within the shortest period of time you can ever imagine. The taste of the coffee produced by the machine is simply superb. Its 1100 heating element sets it apart from the crowd and makes it produce some of the strongest coffees you have ever tasted. Its cascading brewing head ensures adequate heating of the required water to the desired temperature and also ensures the water mixes adequately with the grounded coffee.

Some of its features

The krups coffee makers are also included with aroma functions, which makes it easy to choose particular coffee strength and flavour you want. You can easily adjust the coffee maker to fit with the quantity of the coffee you are making. The machine features a LED control panel illuminated from the back by highly visible blue light.

krups coffee maker 2 krups coffee maker

The functions and activities of the coffee maker can be controlled using the control panel. The controls work via touchscreen. You can easily program the machine to brew your coffee at a particular time in the morning. This way, you will be awaken from sleep each morning by the strong coffee aroma brewed by the krups coffee maker.

You can remove the carafe at any time in the course of the brewing by simply interrupting the activity of the machine using its pause and serve feature. This feature ensures those desiring to take quick sip of coffee can have their ways. The machine is designed to shut off automatically when the water reservoir becomes empty. This is made possible by the empty water reservoir retention feature of the machine.

The water filtration system in the machine is of duofilter and this ensures no debris or particle of any kind ever gets into the water used for the brewing. This also improves on taste of the coffee. The filter helps to reduce mineral deposit in the machine, which helps to prolong its lifespan. In conclusion, this is one of the most reliable and one of the most durable coffee making machines you can ever come by.

krups coffee maker 3 krups coffee maker


Other features

Other important features of the krups coffee maker are highlighted below

  • The krups coffee maker is capable of brewing up to 12 cups of coffee at a go. Consequently, it is the best for family coffee brewing.
  • It is able to produce even flavour extraction, thanks to its cascading brew head.
  • It comes with programmable clock and this can be used to set when you want the coffee brewing to take place. The clock can also be used to set when you want the coffee maker to go off or turn on.
  • It is built with signals audible enough to wake you up from sleep.
  • It equally comes with descaling indicator that tells you when it is time to descale the coffee maker. This ensures better maintenance and also improves on lifespan of the machine.
  • The whole unit is automatically shut off when the water reservoir becomes empty to ensure the machine does not get damaged.
  • Each unit of the krups coffee maker comes with 2-year warranty within which you have access to free repair or replacement. The warranty may however be voided if you tamper with the mechanism of the coffee maker.
  • Each unit of the krups coffee maker weighs about 5.4 pounds and this makes the coffee maker to be among the lightest you can ever come by out there.
  • The coffee maker is also very easy to clean and very easy to install. Each unit is included with end user instruction manual that gives detailed information on how to install it.


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