Bonavita Coffee Maker and Its Outstanding Features

Best among equal

Bonavita beach coffee maker is one of the most interesting coffee making machines you can ever find around. In all sense of the word, it stands out to be counted. Its design is like non other, same for its durability. It is a coffee maker built to add quality with strength. It is built to last long and also built to beautify your kitchen. Place it on your dinning table or on your kitchen cabinet and you will love the way it makes your kitchen stand out.

Bonavita beach coffee makerBonavita beach coffee maker


When shopping for kitchen appliances, this is one appliance you must never leave behind because of its special place. Do not see as just an ordinary coffee maker; it is additionally a home beautifier. You will love everything you get out of this coffee maker. It gives top value on every dime you spend on it too.

Its distinguishing features

Bonavita beach coffee maker 2

What are the features that make the bonavita 8 beach coffee makers better than many other you can find out there? Some of these features are made known below.

  • For one, it is made for those who do not like queuing at the end of the long line at the cafe. It enables you to get your coffee prepared in a jiffy instead of wasting time pointlessly. Why would you waste so much time queuing for coffee when you can make use of the bonavita bv1800th beach coffee maker to get the coffee ready in seconds?
  • It provides the quick fix for those who need to assuage their early morning caffeine pain. Instead of wasting your time waiting for your most desired coffee to be served, the bonavita beach coffee maker will enable you get the coffee as and when due without any delay whatsoever.
  • The bonavita beach coffee makers are highly durable. They are therefore able to last long. Aside this, they are portable and can be moved from one corner in your kitchen to another. You can pack them up very easily and store them in a corner in your car trunk if you have to move house or you feel like traveling with it.
  • Its design may be exquisite and out of this world, but it is highly affordable. In actual fact, it is far more affordable than many of the other coffee makers that are not as beautifully designed as the bonavita beach single serve coffee maker.
  • The coffee maker is also very easy to maintain. You only need to read through the end users instruction manual included with each unit to understand how to set it up and how to maintain it. It is very easy to install and you will never need help from anyone to get that done. You do not need to dismantle it after installation, except when you want to clean it, which will require partial dismantling only.
  • It is the best for you when you want to brew your premium or basic roast coffee. It has never been known to fail in this regard before and there is no chance that it will fail at all when you use it.
  • It does not take forever to get the coffee ready; it only requires a fraction of the time you would spend when brewing your coffee using the conventional methods around.
  • It also does not cost much when you use it and it helps in managing your grounded coffee, unlike the conventional method that can lead to coffee wastage.
  • It is made using stainless steel and this improves on its durability.
  • There are many coffee brewers in the market today, but this one has more brewing options than the rest. It is also a 2-way brewer; this means it can brew either 8 cups of single cup of coffee, depending on what you want. This means you will be paying for one coffeemaker whereas you will have access to the functions of two coffee makers.
  • It is the best for brewing your coffee anytime you feel like it.

Important features of the bonavita beach coffee maker

Bonavita beach coffee maker 3Bonavita beach coffee maker

  • It comes with 8 cup thermal carafe
  • One time filling standard water tank
  • Water reservoir is single serve
  • Comes with thermal carafe side water reservoir. The water reservoir is relatively large. It is equally included with measurement markings.
  • It is included with LCD display containing the control panel.
  • Brewing time can be easily programmed via the hour and minute buttons on the machine.
  • It is programmed to switch off automatically after standing by for up to 2 hours.
  • It comes with warming plate that keeps the water warm on the carafe side. The warming plate is also nonstick.
  • Brewing strength can be easily changed between Bold and Regular. This can affect the strength and flavour of the coffee.
  • Conclusively, you will get top value on every dime you spend on it.


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