Important Facts about Bunn Coffee Maker

Best for top quality coffee

Bunn coffee maker is the best for anyone desiring to produce top quality coffee with the right brew. Your taste for great tasting coffee can be taken an extra step by producing them within a very short period of time and by also producing them in the most efficient and effective manners possible. This can only be achieved when you make use of the bunn coffee maker.

Bunn Coffee MakerBunn Coffee Maker


This coffee maker is able to produce up to 10 cups of coffee each time. It comes with thermal carafe, which further improves its function and its durability. It can last long and it gives top value on every dime you spend on it. Additionally, it is not expensive at all.

You will not need to empty your bank account in order to buy it. It comes in a number of colors, but black color is the most common. It is one of the best additions to your home. If you are buying kitchen stuffs, your purchases are not yet complete until you add this coffee maker.

Its outstanding nature

The brewing effect of the bunn coffee maker is unlike what obtains in the other coffee makers. It makes use of top class and long lasting coffee making technology that has never been known to fail. The company had been producing coffee making machines for over 40 years and they are already known for top quality production.

If the truth must be told, this is the perfect brewing system you can ever get for your home. It can brew coffee for every member of the family, since it can brew up to 10 cups at a time. It has a large reservoir for water that makes coffee production very easy. You may not believe it but it can produce the ten cups of coffee within just 3 minutes.

Bunn coffee makers do not finish the water in their reservoir on making coffee; they also spare some hot water for other uses, including tea making. The coffeemaker is made in the United States and it is made according to standard. Some of its parts are highlighted below:

Parts of bunn coffee maker

  • Thermal carafe: This is a classic brewer design and makes the bunn coffee maker look really adorable and special. It makes the coffee maker stand out from the crowd too. This way, the machine can add a great deal to the d├ęcor of your home and make the place even more beautiful like never before. You can place it on the dining table or on the kitchen cabinet or any other surface for that matter; it will always add to the design of the kitchen no doubt. The carafe is also vacuum-insulated.
  • Stainless steel accent: The bunn coffee maker is made using commercially-rated materials and this makes it to last long and remains durable for years on end. The steel external part also ensures it does not fall victim to rust, which further elongates its lifespan. This ensures you get top value on every dime you spend on it. The steel surface makes it so solid that it will rarely develop fault after several years of use.
  • Water tank: This is another important part of the bunn coffee maker and it is built using stainless steel. It makes the bunn coffee maker to glitter and the water poured into the tank will sparkle stainless, making the idea of coffee taste to be a wonderful one.
  • Each unit of the machine comes with 3-year warranty. This ensures top class satisfaction for the end user.

Features of the bunn coffee maker

Some of its features are highlighted below:

  • It is built in line with North American electrical standards
  • It is not included with any warmer.
  • It comes with close-and-brew lid that ensure the content does not splatter around when the brewing process is on going.
  • It equally features vacation switch
  • Coffee-flavor is improved a great deal with the spray head extraction design
  • It can be used in making hot water for tea
  • The water tank is made of stainless steel.
  • It comes with internal thermostat that helps to regulate its temperature during the brewing process.
  • It features 800-watt heater too.
  • It weighs about 9.8 pounds and it is relatively light in comparison with several other coffeemakers.

How to clean bunn coffee maker

Bunn Coffee Maker single cupBunn Coffee Maker single cup


Truth is the bunn coffee maker is very easy to clean. However, it is not proper to allow stains to remain on it for too long. Once you notice any station, make sure you get rid of it immediately. In actual fact, you should not wait till you notice stain on the bunn coffee maker before you attempt to clean it.

Every day, make sure you clean and wash the brew funnel. Make sure you also clean the decanter each time you use it. The outside can be wiped using clean cloth soaked in vinegar or liquid detergent. All the areas above the funnel too must be properly cleaned.

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