Various Forms of Coffee Grinders

How to make your choice

The choice of the best coffee grinder is usually based on the kind of coffee that you want to brew; there is a grind that is perfect for different kinds of coffee like drip coffee, French press and espresso. The kind of coffee machine that you have will greatly determine the size of grind that you will need.

Other factors that will also determine the texture of the coffee includes how the coffee was roasted and how fresh the coffee is. There are many grind levels though there are very common levels you can grind your coffee to get a great brew.

Various types

Sometimes you may need something outside the common types.

  • Extra coarse grind of coffee is usually an ideal texture for toddy makers, generally used for cold brewing methods
  • Coarse grind can be used for French press pot and also for cupping
  • Medium coarse grind is very suitable for cafĂ© solo brewers and also chemex
  • Medium grind is quite suitable drip brewing machines
  • Medium fine grind is also very suitable for pourover cones, vacuum pots and siphon brewers
  • Fine grind is mostly used for espresso
  • Extra fine grind is suitable for the Turkish coffee

Burr coffee grinder

The burr grinder is used for grinding the coffee to get a very uniform size and the fine grind is suitable for making the espresso coffee, the burr grinder could be manually operated of electrically operated. You could also use the burr grind for other textures since you can determine the texture by the length of the grinding. There are two types of the burr grinder;

  • Conical burr grinder
  • Flat plate burr grinder

The conical burr grinder is equipped with 2 cone shaped burrs and with ridges that crush and grind the coffee while the flat plate burr grinder have two separate parallel rings as the main components among other components. You should also consider the speed of the grinder; high speed grinder which is also called a direct drive could grind the coffee like the blade grinder though they will give you more options on the grind size of the coffee.

There is also a slow speed grinder and they are usually very good to have, there is little heat when the grinding takes place and there is less noise. The coffee does not clog up the grinder with the slow speed grinder and they can be conical burrs or flat burrs. The slow grinders can be divided further into two classes; direct drive and also the gear reduction grinders.

Manual burr grinder

Unlike the electric burr grinder that makes use of electricity for grinding, the manual burr grinder actually does not need electricity; you actually do the turning until the grind meets your desired texture. This kind of grinder is much suitable for people travelling and also for campers that may want to grind and brew their coffee while they are away from home

Manual burr grinderManual burr grinder


Blade Coffee Grinders

The blade grinders can most suitably be described as the opposite of the burr coffee grinder, they have a blade which looks like a propeller which chops the coffee beans. Their grinding is not consistent and therefore mostly produces coarse grinds. You may get finer grind by extending the timer of the grinder but after a while they begin to stick to the grinder and end up much in a mess. They are good for coarse grinding that will not require you to grind for too long to get the required texture.

Blade Coffee GrindersBlade Coffee Grinders


How to Clean the Grinder

When you have used the coffee grinder for some time, you will notice that there are some particles that are left beside the grinder and if they are not removed may change the flavor and taste of any other coffee that you will grind. Secondly these left over coffee which may be oily could slow down the speed of the grinder. In order to avoid this kind of issues, you can clean it with the steps below;

  • Adjust the setting of the burr coffee grinder to espresso and add a handful of rice to it, the rice should be raw rice. Grind for some time and you will get a mixed brown colour, repeat the process until the rice no longer has any brown colour, once the colour is white then you can remove the rice
  • After the first step, unplug the grinder and detach the plastic reservoirs, clean the oil and coffee and after that you can wash them in the dishwasher
  • With the use of dry paint brush, clean the metal parts of the grinder, bend the grinder and softly tap the grinder to remove the coffee particles that you have brushed out. You can repeat this severally till no more coffee particles come
  • As soon as you are through, prime the grinder with coffee to ensure that the rice or any other thing does not interfere with the real coffee

There is much to enjoy when you grind your coffee to the desired texture, it gives you more options and also gives you certainly very clean coffee.


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