Easy Maintenance of Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Its origin

This coffee brewing machine is a product of the American company Conair Corporation. Although Conair actually produces other home appliances which it started with in 1971, the company has been able to efficiently produce great coffee brewing machines that range from Cuisinart single serve coffee maker to other ranges of brewers with great features that will make your coffee making experience easy and enjoyable. One of the great and famous Cuisinart brewing machines is the Brew Central Coffee Makers.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker 12 cupsCuisinart Coffee Maker 12 cups

Its special features

Some of the features of the brew central coffee makers include;

  • Water filter, the function of the water filter is to clear the water of any kind of impurities so as to give the coffee a better taste
  • The programmable timer helps in programming the time needed to start brewing the coffee and could be set up to 24 hours in advance
  • Self cleaning feature helps to indicate when the coffee brewing machine is due for cleaning and this feature helps to clear any built-up clarification
  • It has a 1-4 Cup setting helps heating the water twice, this helps to ensure that the coffee is hot enough in small brews
  • The heating plate control knob helps in controlling the temperature of the coffee after it has been brewed to ensure it remains in the desired temperature, there are 3 different temperature settings
  • The Brew Central machine has a 3-year warranty

These features are also in many other models of Cuisinart brewers, when making a purchase of any of their models, ensure that you know the features that you are looking for, this will help you buy the best that suits your need and also help you save some money.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker single serverCuisinart Coffee Maker single server


Most of their coffee brewing machines are programmable and possess several features that enable the user to have great brewing experience like having a Cuisinart Keurig coffee maker.

How to Clean Cuisinart Coffee Maker

There are several reasons why there is a need for Cuisinart coffee makers to constantly clean the Cuisinart brewing machine depending also on your usage;

  • With usage there will be left over coffee oils that will build up in the coffee maker and this will give your coffee a bad taste or a taste that is entirely different from the real coffee taste
  • When there is dirt in the brewer, it could slow down the speed with which the coffee brewer could perform
  • When the brewer is dirty, it does not look good

General cleaning

There are different ways the coffee maker can be cleaned, you can do general cleaning and also decalcification. To carry out general cleaning, empty the coffee grounds then ensure you filter and rinse the pot. Wash the carafe, carafe lid and the basket in warm soapy water and thereafter rinse with clean water; you should try to do this regularly. The body of the coffee maker can be washed with a clean and damp rag, it is not proper to use hash objects in cleaning the body.


In order to clean the coffee maker, below are some steps you can take, sometimes there are variations based on the model you purchased, in situations like that you can look through the owner’s manual to see the cleaning procedures. There are three things you will need to clean the coffee maker; water, vinegar and the coffee maker.

Whenever the clean light turns on then it shows there is a need for you to decalcify the coffee maker. The advancement in technology ensures that the machine cleans itself; follow the steps below to clean the coffee maker;

  • Get a cleaning solution; you can prepare one by mixing 1/3 cup of white vinegar and 2/3 cup of water. Fill up the reservoir with the solution and thereafter press the clean button
  • As soon as the clean light stops flashing, proceed to turn on the brewer so that the coffee brewer can clean itself and once the cleaning is finished, there will be 5 beep sounds and thereafter the unit will shut down
  • You may need to run the cleaning process again if the clean light flashes again after the first process simply follow the measurement and mix the vinegar and water solution and repeat the cycle.
  • As soon as the clean light is turned off, leave it for sometime till the coffeepot cools down then go ahead and run a brew cycle with clean and cold water, you could do this twice to ensure that the unit is very clean.


When using a Cuisinart brewing machine, there are times that you will need to make some changes in some parts, based on the safety regulations, it is advisable to contact the customer service for a qualified technician to attend to the coffee machine with the right Cuisinart coffee maker parts.



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