How to Carry Out Wholesome Maintenance of Delonghi Coffee Maker

Enjoy great taste of top quality coffee

You are sure to get great coffee with the use of the Delonghi coffee brewing units, the types of Delonghi coffee machines that you could get could be the simple drip machines or great espresso machines. You need to be certain of the type of coffee maker that you intend to use before going to buy one. Coffee machines from Delonghi have very much easy to use buttons. Delonghi Coffee Maker 2Delonghi Coffee Maker single cup  


How to use a Delonghi coffee brewer

With the use of a coffee pot, measure water and pour it into the coffee maker through the open lid of the machine, with the removable basket which comes as part of the brewing unit, put the coffee and replace it back into the unit. Once this is done then you can use the controls, you need to know the functions of the settings on the drip coffee maker to get the best coffee.

Important features and settings

The following settings and features are very important;

  • Temperature setting which sets the temperature of the coffee for you, there are also settings that you use in determining the time the machine starts brewing your coffee.
  • Aroma button, the aroma button enables the brewing machine to brew the coffee much differently from an ordinary brewing. When the button is pressed, you will get coffee with greater aroma.
  • Auto-off feature, you really do not need to turn on this feature especially since it has been programmed into the system, a soon as the brewing machine stays on for two hours, it will automatically shut down itself. This serves as a safety measure to avoid accidents
  • Your coffee can stay hot for an extended time because the coffee temperature is preserved in a highly insulated pot.

Check the manual properly Delonghi Coffee MakerDelonghi Coffee Maker 2-cup brewer  


When you are using your Delonghi brewing machine for the first time then you need to first of all read through the manual, there are so many things that you will learn from the manual and it will save you mistakes that come from trying and making errors and probably end up spoiling some part of the unit. You can also take the steps below when you want to operate the new brewing unit.

Clean the Machine

The first thing you need to do is to clean the new brewing machines; this is however not exactly the same way to clean the machine that you have started using it. You can follow these procedures when you want to do the first cleaning;

  • Pour water into the water tank of the machine and thereafter switch the machine on
  • Put a container under the spot where coffee comes out or the coffee outlet
  • Wait for at least half of the water that you poured into the machine to run through
  • If the machine that you bought has a hot water and steam attachment then try and rinse them also with water. Once you do these then the new unit is clean and ready to be used.

How to Decalcify a Delonghi Coffee Machine

When you use the brewing machine for some time, there will be a gradual increase of the calcium deposits inside the machine and this calcium build up could actually cause the machine to perform below the installed capacity. When you decalcify the machine, you remove all calcium deposits in the machine.

When you use some harsh cleaners to decalcify the brewing machine, they gradually erode some parts of the machine and end up causing some kind of damage. In some cases, some cleaners if not thoroughly cleaned can also leave behind their flavor which if mixed with the coffee flavor may not give you a great result. One cleaning agent that will save you from these problems is the white vinegar which has a much milder effect on the brewing unit.

Steps to decalcify

To decalcify the brewing unit, take the steps explained below;

  • Pour cold water into the coffee brewer reservoir
  • Add to the water 1 tablespoon of distilled vinegar for the 5 cups of water in the water reservoir, this could be different based on the manual of the machine. Thereafter, stir until it is dissolved
  • Detach the filter basket and the filter from the brewing machine then plug the Delonghi brewer to any available electrical point
  • Ensure that the empty coffee carafe is properly positioned on the heat plate to collect brew and press the power button to start the machine
  • Proceed to empty the carafe as soon as the whole water and vinegar solution is passed down
  • Fill the reservoir again with cold water but do not add vinegar again, go ahead and brew the cold water through the brewing unit. Ensure that the water is clean
  • You will have to brew the water again until the smell of the vinegar is gone and also there is no trace of calcium


The making of great tasting coffee easily has been made possible with the advancement in technology and the production of the Delonghi brewing machines which comes in many varieties to suit diverse needs. But it is very important to know the features and usefulness of the components of the brewing machine.

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