Features and Maintenance of a French Press Coffee Maker

Best for time saving

Gone are the days when you have to waste so much time to brew your coffee. These days things can be done very fast and more efficiently than when you use the old method. The world is moving at a faster pace than ever before and people tend to get busier than they had ever been in times past.

French press coffee makerFrench press coffee maker


Many people wish there is more to a day than just 24 hours, but people are just unfortunate that they only have nothing more than that each day. Consequently, they make effort to make the best use of each hour given by nature.  This they do by automating as many things as possible. This is exactly what brought about the idea of the french press coffee maker. It is designed to help you brew your coffee on time and without any delay.

Built to fit your schedule

If you always have busy schedule for the day and you still want to enjoy your most desired cup of coffee, then you must ensure you go for this item.  It comes with all forms of styling to make it adapt to the décor of the home or that of the kitchen where you place it.  It comes with hi-tech features like none other.

It is one of the best additions to your kitchen.  It is highly durable and long lasting. It works automatically and this makes it the best for anyone having daily busy schedule. The exterior is made of brushed metal and this makes it glow adding glamour to the décor of you kitchen. The design is top class too and the control is very easy.

Hi-tech design

It is among the best you can ever get in the coffee making industry. The technology is superb, making it able to prepare your coffee with the same taste a human person would have made it.  It is included with many parts, like water filter which works with charcoal.

The filter makes sure that all impurities in the water used in making the coffee are removed and this ensures you get pure and tasty coffee that will make you want to go for another cup.  Aside the above, some of its other parts are highlighted below:

  • Charcoal water filter: It helps to remove impurities from the water used in making the coffee and ensure the water is pure before it is added to the coffee. This way, you will never have to endure consuming impurities with your coffee.
  • Programmable digital clock: This part ensures you can program the function of the coffee maker in such a way that it will prepare your coffee for you at the particular time you preset. The digital clock works 24 hours of the day and it ensures you can have your coffee at any time you want.
  • Automatic shutoff: This feature ensures that the french press coffee maker automatically goes off when it is not in use or after it has finished preparing the coffee for you. This helps to save power and you will not have to empty your bank account to pay for energy cost.
  • Self-cleaning function: This function enables the french press coffee maker to clean itself automatically.
  • Audible beep: This sends signal after the coffee is ready for pick up. It sounds after brew cycle and this makes the coffee taste its best.

Types of french press coffee makers

There are quite a number of french press coffee makers in the market today and very important types are:

  • French press multiple coffee maker, which comes with reservoir cover and can be flipped back to enable easy filling. It equally features a considerably big water reservoir and can automatically fill to the desired water level. It comes with showerhead, which helps in distributing the water on the coffee in an even manner. This feature helps to reduce loss of temperature while the water is going through the grinded coffee.
  • French press single serve coffee maker, which can serve only a cup of coffee at a time as the name implies. It features digital clock showing the time of the day and enables the coffee maker to function automatically.  Added feature include flip switch and knob which also helps in initiating automatic functions of the coffee maker.

French press multiple coffee makerFrench press multiple coffee maker


French press single serve coffee makerFrench press single serve coffee maker


How to clean french press coffee maker

As hinted earlier, the french press coffee maker comes with automatic cleaning function via which it cleans itself. This self-clean function may however not be enough to keep the coffee maker hygienic and safe; you have to get some of the cleanings done by yourself at times.  You will require vinegar and water for the cleaning.

The cleaning needs to be done in order to decalcify the coffeemaker. Remove the grindery coffee from the coffeemaker. Rinse the pot very well and rinse the carafe too.  You can use soap and warm water to clean the basket and the carafe lid for enhanced cleaning. A damp rag can be used in cleaning the resting place, the base and the outside of the coffeemaker.  Abrasive cleaning items should not be used, like steel wool.




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