Various Models of Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

One of the best money can buy

Although the Hamilton Beach Brands, which is an American manufacturer has several home appliances that meet so many needs, the coffee brewing machine proves to be among the very best coffee brewing machines.

Hamilton Beach Coffee MakerHamilton Beach Coffee Maker


Coffee making machines have evolved over the years in style and design, Hamilton beach coffee makers have so much to enjoy from different brands of their brewers, ranging from the home use and also for commercial use.

Its various parts

Some of the Hamilton beach coffee makers parts include;

  • Filter basket
  • Coffee level guide
  • Coffee dispenser
  • Coffee scoop
  • Water reservoir
  • Keep warm plate
  • Coffee dispenser
  • Water filter base

Models of Hamilton Beach brewer

Some of the Hamilton brewing machines have the capacity to make two types of coffee at the same time while others make a single type of coffee

2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker

2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker


This model has the following features;

  • It has both a Hamilton beach single serve coffee maker and also has another side for a 12 cup Carafe.
  • It has adjustable cup rest which allows for standard mugs and cups
  • There is a great coffee extraction than many competitors
  • It is compatible with the K-Cup packs
  • From the single serve side of te brewer, it can brew as much as 14 ounces from the ground coffee in a travel mug
  • It has a 2 hours automatic shutoff that is programmable
  • Hamilton brands are durable with stainless steel parts
  • One year warranty also applies with the terms and conditions

BrewStation 12 cup Dispensing Coffeemaker (47900C)

BrewStation 12 cup Dispensing Coffeemaker (47900C)BrewStation 12 cup Dispensing Coffeemaker (47900C)


This model has the following features

  • Programmable clock
  • Programmable automatic shutdown with a time frame ranging from 0-4 hours
  • This model is programmed to also serve iced coffee
  • Detachable reservoir which will ease the filling too

How to clean a Hamilton Beach brewer

The optimum performance of the Hamilton brewers can be enhanced by a routine cleaning of the brewers. The reason for cleaning the brewers is because of mineral deposits which end up slowing down the brewing time and also gives a bad taste to the coffee that you brew. The cleaning the inner part of the brew machine can be done following the instructions below;

  • Firstly remove the water filter and the holder which is an optional feature in some models
  • Go ahead and plug in the brewstation, set the clock on the clock mode
  • Ensure you place an empty coffee tank on the keep warm plate thereafter you can place the filter basket on the coffee tank. Please make sure that you do not add coffee into the basket
  • Gradually pour one pint of a plain white vinegar into your water reservoir
  • Then you can turn on the brewer, please ensure that you press the Auto/ON/OF button two times for the clock mode or you can press it once for non clock mode. The light will glow and after a short time of 20 seconds, turn it off
  • After turning it off, leave it for 20 minutes so as to allow the vinegar to clean it up. Turn it on to allow the brew cycle to finish and then turn off again. Once you have done this, wait for the Brewstation to cool, as soon as it is cool, empty the coffee tank and wash with water
  • Pour a coffee tank size of cold water into the reservoir and then place coffee tank on keep warm plate
  • To turn on please press the Auto/ON/OFF two times for the clock mode and once for non clock mode and as soon as the brew cycle is finished, go ahead and empty the coffee tank then allow the Brew station to cool, ensure that you repeat the same process two or three times with cold water filled coffee tanks
  • Turn off when this process is complete and then wash the coffee tank and the brew basket too

Bad Taste Coffee

Sometimes coffee can really taste bad without the freshness of a coffee, there are some things you should;

  • Ensure that you clean the coffee machine to remove minerals and dirt that could change the taste and smell of the coffee
  • It is possible that the coffee to water ratio is not properly balanced, you should adjust it to your better taste
  • It is also possible that the quality of the water used may be bad, try changing the water

Slow Brewing Issues

There are some factors that could lead to a slowdown of the performance of the brewer, some factors are;

  • Slow brewing could be caused by a blockage of the brewer, ensure that the machine is cleaned at least once monthly or even more depending on your usage
  • Excessive amount of coffee could slow down the brewing process too, simply rduce it in line with desired taste
  • When you do not use automatic grind, and the coffee is ground too finely, it could slow down the brewer
  • The quality of the paper filter if poor could also affect it.

You can always make further reading on any subject of your choice or even consult the manual to rectify issues that you may be having with your machine.

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