Models of Keurig Coffee Maker

Best for home and office

After series of experiments and trials, the Keurig coffee makers which is a brewing system for home and commercial purpose was finally produced by an American company with the name Keurig Green Mountain. They have their headquarters in Waterbury, Vermont. They have single serve containers called K-Cup pods and this is their main product, other products include K-carafe, K-mug, Bolt and Vue.

Its varieties

You can get their beverage in different varieties like;

  • Fruit-based drinks
  • Cocoas
  • Diary-based beverages
  • Lemonades

As a result of their brands and other partnership licensed brands, this company has four hundred unique varieties and also they have over sixty brands of other beverages and coffee.

Down memory lane

This company which originally was a Keurig single cup coffee maker was established in Massachusetts in the year 1992 and among the original founders includes John Sylvan and Peter Dragone who were college mates then. The K-Cup and their first brewers were actually launched in 1998 with their target mainly the offices since they usually need coffee while working. With the increase in their popularity, they had to expand to other areas like the home use in the year 2004.

Different Brewing Systems

There are two main classes of brewing systems;

  • Commercial use brewing systems
  • Home use brewing systems

The Cuisinart Keurig coffee maker was introduced as licensed model in the year 2010 also the Breville and Mr. Coffee were licensed models. Some of their homes brewing systems are;

  • Keurig 2.0 single-cup and also carafe brewer which has unique features that makes it programmable for different brew strengths and sizes. It has the capacity to brew about 30 ounces with the use of the K-Carafe packs.
  • Keurig K-Cup Brewers, this model is a single cup brewer of the K-Cup coffee maker
  • Keurig Rivo which is used for brewing cold or hot espresso and cappuccino, this model can brew just simply by a touch of the button

Keurig K-Cup BrewersKeurig 2.0 single-cup and carafe brewer


Keurig 2.0 single-cupKeurig K-Cup Brewers

Keurig RivoKeurig Rivo


The commercial purpose brewers which are uniquely made for commercial places like eateries and convenient stores, hotels and higher institutions include;

  • K10 which is a dorm-room brewer
  • K145 OfficePRO, this model is for small scale business brewer
  • K130, this model is meant for hotel room brewers
  • K155 OfficePRO premier brewing system, this model is also for small scale business brewers but has additional features for convenience and ease of service
  • Bolt Z76000, this is a full-pot brewer for offices that has the capacity to brew 64 ounce pot very quickly

Decision Guide for Keurig Models

You need to consider certain things to aid you in making a decision on the best Keurig coffee maker that will suit your purpose, some of these factors to consider includes;

Place of Use

You need to consider the location where you are going to use the coffee maker Keurig since many of their models are basically made for home use only while the ones for commercial use are meant for commercial buildings and businesses. You may not need to use a home brewer for a commercial purpose.

Machine Size

Before you go ahead to buy the brewer, you need to know the needed space for the machine and also to ensure you have sufficient space for it. You can take a closer look at your home or office depending on where you want to use it; try to confirm a good space with the right measurement

Cup Size choice

There are some brewing machines that brew single cup size and some other models can give you the options of brewing between 4-12 ounces per cup. Always take note that with more water in a cup, the brew gets milder

Brewing Time Frame

When you have hot water in the reservoir, most Keurig brewers can brew in less than a minute but when there is no hot water reservoir like the mini plus model, the brewing time will last up to 2 or 3 minutes. Ensure that you use room temperature water anytime you want to add water else you may need to wait a little bit longer for the first cup since the water may not heat very fast immediately

Size of Water Reservoir

With the exception of the mini plus machine which has a water reservoir capacity of just one cup, other models can contain as much as 40 to 80 ounces. This should guide you because using a mini plus will require you to fill in water for every time you want to make coffee. They also have the feature that enables them to have a hot water reservoir to enable easy service

Everywhere on the internet, you get to see great Keurig coffee maker reviews that add more information on their usage, and also you can get great information on how to clean a Keurig coffee maker. You can make orders too online, Keurig coffee maker Costco is available and finally you can get information on how to solve any kind of Keurig coffee maker problems too.

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