Interesting Features of Kitchenaid coffee maker

Best for your daily use

Whenever you need your coffee, you can always get it prepared with the help of kitchenaid coffee maker. It is one of the most reliable kinds of coffee makers you will ever come by around in terms of design, technological innovation and function.  It is the best for preparing your early morning fresh coffee and you will find it useful for your refreshing afternoon coffee. If it is dessert coffee you want after meal, you will find the coffee maker ever ready to do your biding.

kitchenaid coffee maker 4 cups Kitchenaid coffee maker 4 cups


No better choice

Kitchenaid coffee maker is the best for brewing your flavored and very rich coffee.  You have never had it better. It is the best for brewing your coffee exactly the way you want it to be brewed.  It is a drip coffee brewer; this means it allows water to drip over the coffee until the coffee is soaked. It then holds the coffee and the water together in a place for an extended period of time to allow the coffee to steep inside the water and that is it.

Its components

  • Water tank: The kitchenaid coffee maker comes with a number of components like the water tank, which is removable. It is equally BPA-free, which means the end user can make use of it without fear of ending up with toxins in the body system. The water tank is removable very easily and this makes it easy to clean
  • Warmth control: the kitchenaid coffee maker equally comes with warmth control with which the temperature of the coffee can be modified according to the taste of the individual. This way, you can choose to make the coffee warm or hot. The feature equally ensures your coffee is kept warm or hot for as long as four hours. This means this coffee maker is not just for the purpose of brewing coffee; it is also useful in storing your coffee and keeping it warm pending the time you are ready for your most desired coffee sip.

kitchenaid coffee maker 12 cupsKkitchenaid coffee maker 12 cups


Features of kitchenaid coffee maker

The kitchenaid coffee maker is one of the most advanced forms of coffee makers and it comes with loads of modern day features that tend to put other coffee makers in the market to shame.  Some of these features are highlighted below.

  • Refined brew process: The kitchenaid coffee maker is designed to brew your coffee in the most refined manner you can ever imagine. The process is simple but thorough. It is the best for brewing your bold coffee flavor and the regular one.
  • Digital display: Each unit of the kitchenaid coffee maker comes with LCD digital display via which the machine can be controlled. The digital display shows loads of information relating to brew cycle. The LCD digital display tells you when the time is ripe to clean the machine. It also shows 1-4 cup indicator. It shows you the brew strength, a feature absent in many of the other types of coffee makers. Aside this, it also shows warm indicator, which gives insight into the temperature at which the brewing is taking place and the particular temperature of the  machine at a particular time.
  • Variable brew strength selector: This feature in the kitchenaid personal coffee maker will enable you to brew the coffee just the way you have always wanted it. You will be able to select very easily the brew strength from mild to strong. You can choose between the regular brew and the bold brew depending on how strong you want the coffee to be.
  • 24-hour programmable feature: Aside the above features, the machine equally comes with 24 hours programmable feature. This means it can be programmed over 24 hours any time of the day you would want it to brew you some coffee. If for example you plan to sip your coffee 7 pm in evening, you can program the coffee maker from 8 in the morning to brew coffee by 7 pm and it will automatically start brewing when it clocks 7 pm.
  • Digital clock/ timer: kitchenaid coffee maker equally features digital clock that shows the time of the day and at the same time functions as the timer on the coffee maker. It can be used to set the coffee maker to produce coffee at a particular time.
  • High capacity: The kitchenaid coffee maker equally has high capacity and the tank is big enough to produce several cups of coffee. The personal coffee maker for one is able to produce up to 18 oz of coffee. Some other types of the coffee maker can produce up to 14 cups of coffee.
  • Carafe: The kitchenaid coffee maker features glass carafe; some other versions feature thermal travel mug.
  • Filter: Kitchenaid coffee maker comes with gold tone permanent filter and it helps to perfectly filter the water used in the brewing process to ensure production of top class coffee. The filter is very easy to clean.

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